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We spend more time and energy than anyone in the marketplace to save our customers the maximum amount of tax dollars. We are not afraid to utilize the most sophisticated and out of the box strategies to ensure that our customers grow and maintain their wealth.

Read below to see how we have helped other clients save massive amounts of money using the best financial strategies available.


Cumulative Identifiable Client Tax Savings 2016-2018


Average Identifiable Savings Per Client


Average Annual Recurring Savings Per Client


Client Satisfaction Rate

Scottsdale CPA - Foley & Giolitto AZ

Nearly $150,000 Recovered

Hidden Tax Benefits and Massive Tax Dollars Uncovered

Our expert team of tax planners helped one client uncover nearly $150,000 in accumulated past tax benefits that were simply thrown away by other advisors who were not looking in the right places and didn't do their due diligence.

Scottsdale CPA - Foley & Giolitto AZ

Saving $20,000 Per Year

Is Your Advisor Working For You? What If You Are Missing Out On Money You Deserve?

Another client of ours was previously working with a low-fee financial advisor and due to their poor advising services, the client had been overpaying by approximately $20,000 each year. We resolved this problem to obtain refunds of approximately $60,000 and this client will gladly save $20,000 per year in the future.

Scottsdale CPA - Foley & Giolitto AZ

Recovering $20,000+ in Back Taxes

Utilizing Complex Tax Rules and Regulations, Real Estate Investor Saves Big

A client of our firm involved in real estate investments was able to recover $20,000 in back taxes. We pride ourselves in performing due diligence to review items so subtle other firms would never consider and that translates to real results for our clients. This specific client has continued to save an additional $10,000 every year from this discovery.

Scottsdale CPA - Foley & Giolitto AZ

Business Owner Saves Over $100,000 Using Optimal Tax Strategy

Taxes are not always black and white. This case illustrates how working with a premium adviser can supercharge your tax savings. A small business owner came to us with various issues last year. Through careful planning throughout 2019, we designed a custom tax strategy to yield over $100,000 in tax savings for 2019 alone! We expect that our optimized strategy will yield roughly $50,000-$100,000 per year in tax savings for future years. These are results that even the best designed investment portfolio cannot match!

Scottsdale CPA - Foley & Giolitto AZ

Medical Professional Saves Nearly $50,000 On Year-End Tax Planning

Even with less than 1 month to go until the year ends, performing the right tax planning can result in significant tax savings. In 2019, we helped a medical professional generate nearly $50,000 in tax savings utilizing a custom tax strategy specifically designed for medical and financial professionals. We expect to generate a recurring annual $50,000 in tax savings for this professional each year!

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